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Sunday, January 10, 2010


I am beyond excited about this... I have a brand spanking NEW BLOG. All of the images that are posted on this blog have been moved to the new one so its everything that I have here and more. Please add it to your favorites so you can stop by as often as you would like!


Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy Holidays!!

I really had all the intentions to have a Christmas post, but as you can see I totally goofed that up. Christmas day was a blur to me. It came and went so fast and there just wasn’t enough time in the day to accomplish everything that I had intended (not even the 700 loads of laundry that needed to be done). I did however, have enough time to eat myself into a food coma, and on more than one occasion. I was so disappointed in myself and my belly was not too pleased either. Overall I have to say that I had a great few days visiting friends and family. Now I have to unpack and then repack for the second half of my holiday celebration… NEW YEARS! Max and Ali are our ski buddies who moved to San Francisco this past summer (still not over it). So, we are heading up to Eric’s families camp in Bethel, Maine for three days filled with skiing! Could life get any better? Doubt it!! Oh wait… it could. While packing I noticed my Spyder fleece is missing and my new mittens must be keeping my fleece company because they are MIA as well.UGH… really?

Anyway, before Christmas I had a few shoots that I was not able to post because they were going to be given as gifts to people who view my blog (THANKS GUYS). So I will start with the Riccio family. If you have been following my blog from day one you will recognize Kristen and her hubby Chris. They were the first couple that I had a shoot with. I got a really nice note from Kristen’s mom saying how much she loved the gift so here are a few of my favorites!




No, Jay and Cathy are not brother and sister... they actually are engaged so it was a must that I grabbed a shot of just them!






Sunday, December 20, 2009

Mr. & Mrs. Hill

A year and a half ago I met Bob and Tricia Pattison. They were the photographers at my brother’s wedding. When I decided that photography was a passion that I wanted to make a career, they were the first people I went to. From that day forward they have given me all of the support and guidance I need. I am so lucky to have the two of them as my mentors and friends. When Bob asked me to come along to help out with Michelle and Adams weddings I couldn’t have been happier. I felt like this was my time to show them that everything that they taught me has paid off. So, I hope I made you guys proud!!

Michelle and Adam, you two are amazing. Michelle was such a breathtaking bride and Adam was looking pretty dapper himself. Their wedding was on the first snow of the year. Bob got a great shot of the two of them outside (again… how amazing are they for going outside in the freezing cold snow) so check out his posting!





This dress had to go OVER Michelle's head so it was a bit tricky.






How cute is this little guy?



How excited was Michelle?



And I will end it with this one. I wish the two of you all the happiness!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Wedding Workshop

A few weeks ago I attended a workshop that was pretty awesome. It was a three day workshop that consisted of portfolio building and on the last day we went over ways to grow your business. I took so much from the three days that I spent with a group of amazing photographers. I also got to make some new friends who share my passion for photography and I hope that we can all grow together. Lana and Sarah, we will never forget Dick and Tom… EVER! Here are a few images out of MANY. I am sure down the road I will post more so keep your eyes out!!



So Fierce!


One of the kids in the class just so happened to ride his bike to the workshop so I figured that we could use it!




236 (2)







And here is the last one for this post...

I have more stuff that will be coming soon. A wedding, some Christmas shoots that have to wait until after the 25th for gifting reasons, some portrait work, and I figured I would share some landscape work from class! Keep checking back friends.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Gift Certificates

Tis the season for gift giving!! I cant believe how fast this year has come and gone. Its pretty crazy. If anyone is in the same situation as I am you have a list of people to shop for, and have not even made a dent yet. There is nothing worse than not having the time to patients to go to the malls. A few clients have come to me asking if I will do gift cards so I figured that I could make this available to everyone. If this is something you are interested in shoot me a message!!

Saturday, December 5, 2009


A few weeks ago my friend Jan asked me about doing a boudoir shoot for her. She wanted to give her boyfriend Justin an album for Christmas. So one night after work I headed over and spent a few hours with her taking pictures. We had SO much fun. The two of us laughed the entire time but at the end of the shoot I knew I was walking away with some really cool pictures. This was the first time that I had don't a boudoir shoot so I had done some research on it and Jan did the same. I was going to wait and post these photos after xmas, but Justin doesn't look at my blog (boooo) so I figured why wait. Now please don't think I just posted these because I wanted to. Jan went through them all and picked a few of many that she was okay with me posting!!





Soooooooo yeah Jan made it very easy for me as you can see!! Had a B-L-A-S-T!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Baby Jr.

The other day I had the pleasure meeting a little guy who goes by the nick name Jr. This peanut is only seven weeks old, and he is absolutely adorable. When I got there he was sleeping with his little fingers clinging to his little blanket. I loved him. As soon as we moved him he woke up and I braced myself for screams. There were no screams he was pretty relaxed about everything. He needed one break, but I had his cousin George to keep me company while Katie calmed down Jr. These are adorable!!!
He was an angry elf, but only for a second. I thought it was real cute though.

see... told ya!

Katie tried to put him in the stocking, but he out grew it. It was actually really funny!

OK... enough of the holiday pictures. These next few are just Jr. being Jr. and its a cute site.




Now this is when Jr. went for his break and George and I got to hang out. Now for all you parents out there listen to this amazing deal. Katie and Justin live a few houses away from Katie's brother George, his wife, and their ridiculously amazing little boy George. Every Tuesday they take turns watching the kids, and enjoy a full out date night. I figured while I waited I could photograph George because all he did was smile the ENTIRE time I was there.



A little bit later and Jr. and Katie were back. Love this little moment.

I will end it with a family photo!!! Meet the Conovers!!

Thanks so much guys. Hope to work with you guys again I had a blast!!